YITH Composite Products for WooCommerce Premium

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  • Product Version: 1.1.21
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YITH Composite Products for WooCommerce Premium

Have ye early and late observed thine users’ behavior so that strive according to configure a compound product? Do thou know how much they sense when it don’t prevail in doing it?

I am feasible you!
They experience definitely pissed off whilst searching along situation amongst a chiliad categories yet unbounded products. Furthermore, of most instances it forget about partial items with, as a consequence, a huge harm for you store.


With our YITH WooCommerce Composite Products you may want to pick anybody multiple manufacture among a totally fast, strong then out of danger way.

Your clients won’t come upon difficulties to buy merchandise such as computers, sports equipment, home furnishings then skateboards, drones, bicycles, etc. thanks in imitation of our plugin studied according to remedy somebody feasible hitch.


  • Allow thy clients after bring together their own product the usage of vile products beyond the store
  • The product price can stand either constant or determined by using the sum of the fees regarding whole the products included
  • Set on a shipping worth the usage of every of the factors in the cart then aside from the predominant product
  • Show the factors concerning the composite products within 3 exceptional ways: listed, accordion listing then step
  • Assign a fame to every component
  • Allow customers in imitation of selected beside a list over product, filtered by means of id, classes or tags
  • Show the product listing about each aspect within iii special ways: dropdown, manufacture thumbnails or radio button
  • Set a minimal and/or most volume allowed because of each component
  • Choose salvo you necessity after request a cut price percentage after a particular component
  • Apply the cut price in accordance with the product open charge yet the ordinary price
  • Choose whether a aspect is mandatory then not
  • A gamble in accordance with autoselect unique elements New
  • A hazard according to fulfill a issue exceptional of a definitive product
  • Create a internet regarding dependencies via putting the plugin custom in litigation about particular products, excluding then force the preference concerning ignoble products

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